Ketone + PH Urine Test Strips for Keto-Alkaline testing or Diabetic Ketoacidosis Testing
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Ketone + PH Urine Test Strips for Keto-Alkaline testing or Diabetic Ketoacidosis Testing

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About the product
  • QUALITY TESTING: Quality, Accurate Results for Urine Ketone Strips + pH Test Strips Urine & Saliva
  • MONITOR YOUR HEALTH: Test Your Body's pH. Check for Acidity, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, or Ketosis.
  • DIET TESTING: Keto Alkaline Diet Test Strips for Healthy pH Balance, Ketosis & Low Carb Diets
  • GET MORE: 200 Quality pH Test Strips and 150 Keto Sticks to Last You Longer. Money Back Guarantee!
  • GUIDES INCLUDED: Detailed pH & Ketone Strips Info Booklets included.Easy to Understand Instructions


pH + Ketone Strips Kit

Our Urine Ketone + pH Strips kit is the perfect way to keep track of your health from home or monitor your Keto-Alkaline Diet. Being pH balanced while on keto is important for the success of your keto diet, see below for more on that! Whether you are a diabetic looking to check for ketoacidosis or you are trying to meet your health goals by keeping track of your alkaline or ketosis diet, these are the test strips for you!

Quick, Accurate, Easy- to- Use 1 Pad pH Strips

Our pH strips have a wide range of 5 to 8.5 and can be used to test urine or saliva. These pH strips only have one pad in order to make color chart match and interpretation easier. Find out your body's pH and alkalinity. Just dip ,wait 15 seconds, and compare your results on the bottle’s color chart.

Find out If You Are in Ketosis!

Our Urine Ketone test strips will help you determine if your ketosis diet is working in as little as 40 seconds. If you have fallen out of ketosis, don’t worry, our keto sticks can help you get back on track!

Why is being in an Alkaline State Important for Ketosis Dieting?

Being in an alkaline state helps cellular metabolic processes in your body to function more efficiently which in turn helps you feel healthier and more vibrant. For those starting a ketosis diet or trying to determine if the keto diet is working, our ketone strips are an easy way to test your urine and check for ketosis. However, while getting into ketosis may be the ultimate goal, getting your body in an alkaline state before beginning a ketosis diet will help you achieve ketosis quicker and more effectively.

Having Trouble Losing Weight on the Ketosis Diet? Your pH might be the problem!

If you have been on a keto diet for some time and are still having trouble losing weight, chances are, a contributing factor may be the acidic state of your body. If the body is in an acidic state, it will be more difficult to achieve ketosis. Ketosis tends to increase acidosis in your body. Getting your body in an alkaline state and staying pH balanced will help you more effectively transition into ketosis and maintain your ketosis state.

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